Get the music ‘Sweet Fix’ you crave with “FM Radio” (video)

Today is an extra special day for HotW. Most days, we get to blog about awesome new bands that are doing great things and keeping the music scene fresh and lively. Today, not only do I get to talk about a great band, but I get to talk about one whom my good friend is a part of. And seeing my friend making awesome music really just makes me smile from ear to ear.

Sweet Fix is a NYC band that’s been around a couple years now, doing lots of live shows and recently even performing with the likes of Men Without Hats (yes, of “Safety Dance” fame). Self described as sounding like “melting cotton candy on your car’s engine”, they are the embodiment of great pop rock. Full of catchy hooks, infectious lyrics, and undeniably danceable rhythms, they are great fun to listen to. As described in The Examiner, ““Their music is best described as ‘Van Halen meets Lady Gaga’, a melodic mix of muscular rock swagger and disco romance.”

Got your attention yet? I hope so, because you don’t want to miss their new music video for their song “FM Radio”. Deliciously colored in greys, 80’s dark purples, and cotton candy pink, the video is spunky and solid. Pay special attention to that dashing drummer – Mr. Marco Santini – my lady killing friend with the brilliant smile. This is definitely worth a watch, or two, or seven. My only question… a song about fm radio yet the entire video is set up around old tv sets? Just going for retro, or what?

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